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Expansion on the Innovation Campus: Offenbach's Mayor Schwenke at BioSpring in Frankfurt-Fechenheim

Frankfurt, February 23rd, 2023

Offenbach's Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke visited BioSpring's production site in Frankfurt-Fechenheim on Tuesday. In December 2022, it was announced that BioSpring had purchased a total of 40,000 square meters on the Innovation Campus in Offenbach. During the visit, the two managing directors and owners, Dr. Sylvia Wojczewski and Dr. Hüseyin Aygün, explained the importance of the advanced active pharmaceutical ingredients produced by BioSpring and the company's future plans. The complex technologies involved were presented to  Schwenke during a joint tour of the high-tech production and laboratory facilities. Schwenke was particularly interested in how BioSpring produces and analyzes nucleic acids  for its international customers and what high standards employees, facilities, and buildings need to live up to.

The so-called synthetic oligonucleotides that BioSpring produces are used in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for groundbreaking cell and gene therapies, creating new treatment options for potentially serious diseases that are often difficult or impossible to treat through conventional means. Synthetic nucleic acids are used not only for therapy, but also in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for research and diagnostics.

The pioneering active ingredients that the company will produce in Offenbach in the future offer completely new possibilities in the treatment of metabolic, neuronal and cancer diseases, for example. Mayor Dr. Schwenke emphasized the company's innovative strength and international significance: "BioSpring's incredible knowledge and research over the years goes into helping their clients develop drugs that make people healthy, prolong lives and improve quality of life. With the construction of four BioSpring production facilities on the Innovation Campus, Offenbach will become a biotechnology location of international significance," Dr. Schwenke said. "Production and highly qualified jobs from a company like BioSpring are exactly what will strengthen Offenbach as a business location and make it fit for the future. The disruption of supply chains during the Coronavirus and the heavy dependence on China have shown how important it is that key technologies and production are once again increasingly based in Germany and Europe in the future."

The company's plans follow Dr. Schwenke's economic policy approach of giving Offenbach new prospects as a business location by providing highly qualified jobs in research and production and by attracting companies from future-oriented industries to invest in Offenbach. 

With his visit, Dr. Schwenke not only acknowledged the scientific and economic success and the enormous growth of the leading manufacturer of synthetic nucleic acids as a company, but also the personal commitment of Dr. Sylvia Wojczewski and Dr. Hüseyin Aygün. "When a company is successful, it looks so easy from the outside. In reality, however, there is an enormous amount of work and, of course, always getting through difficult phases," says Dr. Schwenke.

Managing Director Dr. Sylvia Wojczewski emphasized the excellent support and trusting discussions with the city of Offenbach, which had taken place in advance and contributed significantly to the decision to expand in Offenbach. They wanted to personally illustrate the company's potential by presenting the production and were very pleased with the mayor’s appreciation of their company and biotechnology as a forward-thinking industry sector.

"We experience strong support in Offenbach, with fast approval processes and projects that are moved forward quickly. The new location in Offenbach offers good infrastructural conditions for our growth and many trained specialists nearby," said Dr. Sylvia Wojczewski. Commenting on further plans, Dr. Hüseyin Aygün added: "In the long term, BioSpring is planning investments in the mid three-digit million range. The final goal is to create the world's largest production capacities of its kind for the special active ingredients and to build up new product and service lines. This growth will be combined with the long-term creation of up to 1,500 new, future-proof jobs in all areas of the company."

Furthermore, the company is already in close contact with the city's business development department to network with other institutions in Offenbach, attracting skilled workers and making it easier for employees to arrive in Offenbach.

NSC_1152.jpgFront row from left: Dr. Ruven Jilly (BioSpring), Dr. Sylvia Wojczewski (Managing Director and owner of BioSpring), Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke, Dr. Hüseyin Aygün (Managing Director and owner of BioSpring), Bozica Niermann (Head of Economic Development City of Offenbach) and Kristin Gebauer (BioSpring). Back row from left: Dr. Felix Krupp, Dr. Martin Schink (both BioSpring) and Dr. Matthias Schulze-Böing (City of Offenbach).
NSC_1097.jpgDr. Ruven Jilly and Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke  
NSC_1022.jpgDr. Felix Krupp and Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke.

Photos: Die Profifotografen (Lina Prehn).


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