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BioSpring Quality You Expect CpG 7909
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CpG 7909

CpG 7909, also known as ODN 2006, PF-3512676, or Agatolimod, is a synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide immunostimulant composed of unmethylated CpG motifs with the power to activate the immune system through Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) signaling. Originally developed for cancer treatment and as an adjuvant for vaccines, CpG 7909 has shown promising properties.

CpG 7909 is commonly used as an adjuvant in a clinical setting for the testing of novel immunotherapeutic approaches. This compound can stimulate human B-cell proliferation, enhance antigen-specific antibody production, and induce interferon-alpha production, interleukin-10 secretion, and natural killer cell activity. This comprehensive immunomodulation makes it a valuable candidate in immunotherapy.


At BioSpring, CpG 7909 is manufactured using an established, multi-kilogram manufacturing process, ensuring reliability, safety, and consistency. It is produced following GMP standards to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety and efficacy of the therapeutic or vaccine candidate.

A DMF is available to speed up your IND. Customer access is facilitated by an authorization letter.

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