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A new era of medicine IVT mRNA manufacturing


Custom IVT mRNA Manufacturing

Since the mRNA vaccine race to market with the advent of COVID-19, a new generation of mRNA therapeutics has sparked interest in the biotechnology world.  Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a carrier molecule that moves information encoded for a protein from a chromosome within a nucleus to the translation site in the cytoplasm. mRNA’s capacity to employ a cell’s translational machinery positions it as a universal blueprint for protein production.

BioSpring offers end-to-end services for custom in vitro transcription (IVT) mRNA production, offering comprehensive and integrated services for mRNA manufacturing, upscaling, and analytics. Our mRNA manufacturing solutions are designed to meet the highest quality standards to support early discovery and preclinical programs through clinical and commercial programs, as we introduce GMP (ICH Q7) mRNA manufacturing capabilities in Summer 2024.

We offer:

  • Fully customizable capping, poly(A) tail length, & modifications
  • Scalability: mRNA synthesis mg to gram scales (including long mRNA up to 7 kb or longer)
  • Large variety of nucleotide modifications to choose from
  • Preclinical manufacturing timelines of approximately 14 days (from receipt of DNA template)

Our Capabilities

mRNA Capabilities

Manufacturing Workflow


Analytical Services

BioSpring is committed to ensuring that the mRNA you receive meets the highest quality standards. We have state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced personnel who can analyze the integrity and purity of your mRNA to support you in the development of therapies. Our teams will perform all required release testing for your research or preclinical program in our dedicated laboratories.


Excerpt of R&D-grade release testing scope: 

  • Integrity by CE
  • Purity
  • Impurities
  • UV absorbance
  • mRNA concentration
  • Endotoxin (optional)